MAY I SAY THAT I’M SURE I SHOULD PUBLISH NEW POSTS NOW ON THIS FRONT PAGE, AND MOVE THE PARAGRAPHS BELOW to an About Page, but I must study how to do this and will for a time continue to write new posts on the POSTS page.

FRIENDS, PLEASE LOOK with me, if you will, at the image above — my three dolls sitting on the ledge of a glass cabinet in my dining room.
I like to imagine these guys reading my books. Notice that one of the girl dolls has her eyes closed — I guess she’s bored.  The dolly beside her, though, is happy with my books.  See?  Then the staring sheep doll is like Wh-at?  It seems that she’s startled and more than a little confused by my books, you know?  Her feet are missing here, I’m sorry to say — I’d have liked you to see her large stuffed white feet.

These darling dolls of mine were made by vendors at the Saturday fresh market in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where I visit in the wintertime.  The heads of the girlie dolls are wooden spools for thread; their features are painted on.  The head of the sheep doll is cotton stuffing with sewn eyes and nose. She was made by a blind woman. If you should ever visit the fresh market in Las Cruces, you might meet this artist and her husband at their stall.

I’VE NEVER HAD A BLOG, and I’m not sure I can create one that readers will like.  I’m a writer of books, often about Waycross, Georgia, where I grew up, but sometimes about Cincinnati, Ohio, where I live today.  My earliest books appeared some time ago, and I’d like new readers to know where to find them, but I will also attempt to post from time to time about my life, as it goes curiously on, in these times of change and deep sadness in the world.
I’m a retired university professor, but I hope I don’t write like a professor. I’m a gardener, too, if a strange and absent-minded one, and look! I’m as lo-tech as you can possibly get. I’m almost no-tech. I wrote this at my computer a few years ago in a fit of convulsive despair: “Very ill today after multiple attacks on me by my computer. My new operating system trashing my finder and other body parts. No pulse on my desk-top. I may have inadvertently deleted my heart. Can’t find any competent help, or even incompetent.” A sad business, as I’m sure you will agree.

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