March 20 2016:  My dolls, who are still reading my books, I’m sure, may not know yet that a new one has appeared called Me and the Grandmas  of Baghdad.  I hope they will look for this work on line, both in print and in an inexpensive ebook, and try to like it!  It’s about my grief over our wars but also simply my life story, laughs and all.  

FRIENDS, PLEASE LOOK with me, if you will, at the image above — my three dolls sitting on the ledge of a glass cabinet in my dining room.
I like to imagine these guys reading my books. Notice that one of the girl dolls has her eyes closed — I guess she’s bored.  The dolly beside her, though, is happy with my books.  See?  Then the staring sheep doll is like Wh-at?  It seems that she’s startled and more than a little confused by my books, you know?  Her feet are missing here, I’m sorry to say — I’d have liked you to see her large stuffed white feet.

These darling dolls of mine were made by vendors at the Saturday fresh market in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where I visit in the wintertime.  The heads of the girlie dolls are wooden spools for thread; their features are painted on.  The head of the sheep doll is cotton stuffing with sewn eyes and nose. She was made by a deaf woman. If you should ever visit the fresh market in Las Cruces, you might meet this artist and her husband at their stall.

I’VE NEVER HAD A BLOG, and I’m not sure I can create one that readers will like.  I’m a writer of books, often about Waycross, Georgia, where I grew up, but sometimes about Cincinnati, Ohio, where I live today.  My earliest books appeared some time ago, and I’d like new readers to know where to find them, but I will also attempt to post from time to time about my life, as it goes curiously on, in these times of change and deep sadness in the world.

I’m a retired university professor, but I hope I don’t write like a professor. I’m a gardener, too, if a strange and absent-minded one, and look! I’m as lo-tech as you can possibly get. I’m almost no-tech. I wrote this at my computer a few years ago in a fit of convulsive despair: “Very ill today after multiple attacks on me by my computer. My new operating system trashing my finder and other body parts. No pulse on my desk-top. I may have inadvertently deleted my heart. Can’t find any competent help, or even incompetent.” A sad business, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

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A note on March 10, 2016.  The text above was composed when I first created this blog in 2013 with the help of my neighbor Maureen Mello of Paddock Hills in Cincinnati, and the inspiration of my friend Linda Newman.

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