Arise Ye Mothers of the World or Be Forever Fallen: A Message for Mother’s Day

by marthastephens




The Raging Grannies


FRIENDS, yes, it will soon be Mother’s Day, and I always think anti-war on Mother’s Day, because an early Mother’s Day was founded as an anti-war day.  I also think of the Raging Grannies, who are moms, too, after all, and sing against war, as in the first photo above.

Do you know any Raging Grannies?  They can be heard all over the country.  I guess I’m a Raging Grannie myself, and I sang with the Grannies once at an event in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  We fixed up a Grannies song to suit us and sang about the U. S. invasion of Iraq — to the tune of “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain,” I believe.  Everybody loved us!  And everybody grieved with us over the cruelty of that war for the moms and grannies of Iraq.  We each wore a flowery bonnet.  You must wear a bonnet if you sing with the Raging Grannies.

The Grannies have written hundreds of songs to various popular tunes.  You can read their lyrics on their website, and on YouTube you can hear them sing.  You’ll find a rousing new song, for instance, by the North Carolina Grannies singing at a Moral Monday rally about the shutting down of women’s clinics in that state. Here’s a sample of a short Grannie lyric.  Try singing it to the tune of Frere Jacque:

Military spending

Taxes Unending

What a waste

What a waste

Let us have some sanity

We can save humanity

Work for Peace

Work for Peace

Here I’d like to share a placard I take to anti-war rallies.  Bet the Grannies would love it!

Overkill  20140501_171747


 Mother’s Day


OKAY, IT’S MOTHER’S DAY, or perhaps you’re viewing this post in the week afterwards.  If you feel this cartoon is not fitting for such a day, let me say again that one of the founders of that memorial, Julia Ward Howe, was in 1870 seeking a day when all mothers around the world would get together and issue an appeal for peace!  

In the name of womanhood and humanity,” she wrote, “I earnestly ask that a general congress of women, without limit of nationality, be appointed to promote the amicable settlement of international questions, the great and general interests of peace.”  

Arise, women, on this day!” she wrote.  “Arise, all women who have hearts and say firmly: ‘Our husbands shall not come to us, reeking with carnage, for caresses and applause. Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn all that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience.’  

“From the voice of a devastated Earth a voice goes up with our own.  It says: Disarm! Disarm!  The sword of death is not the balance of justice!”

Another woman, Anna Jarvis, came along soon afterwards and added her own ideas on a day for mothers, and Mother’s Day came to be celebrated on a day in May.  Both women had lived through the Civil War.  No more! they seemed to be saying.  No more war!  ##