The Voice

by marthastephens

HERE THEY ARE, the famous holidays on Planet Earth, where I used to live year-round. Today I can’t write, I must beam my Season’s Greetings to my old friends there. I’m in a seasonably generous mood myself, and I want you, my comrades of the Earth, to benefit from my experiences up here in the new spaces I’m presently inhabiting.

Today I entered the Holy Gates, and a Voice here who knows things, speaks to me at times and even allows me to reply.

“By the way,” said the Voice one day, “all those vitamins you took? They didn’t do you any good.”

“You’re not serious.”

“There was no point in that.”

ONE DAY I spoke in my turn to the Voice. “Where were all the missing combs, by the way, the writing pens, the socks? My little flash drive I thought I’d put in my pocket? What happened to all that stuff?”

No answer. It was embarrassed. It honestly didn’t know.

STAY WITH ME, my friends; I have a lot of things to tell you!